Sound problems on firestick

Hi all am bit of newbie so go easy lol when I play movies my sound keeps adjusting up and down am using mx pro player and mostly cinema have tried different settings etc

Does this volume increase when a commercial comes on? Does your device, or TV have a sound leveling feature? If so, enable it.

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It’s when playing movies sound goes up and down on people talking but background music seems stay same have my stick plugged into av system which is set to stereo as only have 2 speakers thanx for reply

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Sounds like you are playing 5.1 and up links. Need to look for 2 channel audio links.

Thankyou how do I tell difference this all new to me bud


Usually the info is in the link or source. Look at the the links title and info. If it says atmos or dd it’s probably 5.1 or higher.

You could also use mx pro or vlc and do volume boost.

Thanx bud will look into it am using mx pro as u can tell am not very technical minded

VLC media player will let you adjust sound settings,that should fix your problem


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