Something messing with my Silk Browser

So I’m watching the Trump rally in SC today via Firestick using Amazon Silk browser ( RSBN channel ) The tv screen blacks out and a message pops up saying I can no longer view this program using this browser, I must use Safari browser . I instantly refresh silk browser and it plays again for about 30 minutes then pulls the same crap
“blackout “ !
No wonder so many people here have dumped the firestick.
These liberal corporate idiots are destroying their own companies blocking free speech ( censorship ) which is against the First Amendment of our Constitution. I guess it’s true when they say “ go woke go broke “

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Try sideloading a browser(if you can). I prefer either the Duck or Firefox Focus. Apps like browsers are altered to adhere to amazon or google standards(standards=no free speech).
This goes for vpn’s as well. Surfshark for instance has an ad-blocker…do you really think google allows blockers? heck no. Notice if you do install surfshark via playstore its now considered a “partner”…yea right… partner= conforming

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Thanks Ron , I’m sure I can one thru my search engine. I appreciate your help.

You probably got a virus in your system via

Using Aptoid TV, scroll up to the search function, type in Browser & download either Browser (has a red circle white background with a red slash thru it) or Open TV Browser.
Both operate similar to Silk but are superior in adblocking etc & the ability to delete all history, cache, cookies.

Can everybody just stop with all the political crap. Spew your garbage on other sites and let’s keep this forum purely about streaming!

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From one Founding Member to another - thanks.