SmartTubeNext Search Not Displaying

installed this. works fine, but there is no ‘search’ that i can find.
did i miss something? maybe there’s a better alternative?

What are you running it on? I have it installed on a few devices and there’s a search on the top left


Click on the at the top left corner of the screen .

i know about the search magnify icon. it’s just not there. all the other categories like news, gaming,music,etc. appear. maybe if i uninstall then reinstall? now that i know it should be there, i’ll try again. thank you, quest

Perhaps your screen needs scaling? The search may be “off” the visible screen.

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another good idea but i’ve already tried it. later today i’ll reinstall and try again.

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Settings for search will fix it. I did something and it now works. I think voice search has to be turned off?

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