SmartTubeNext Freezing

Every time I try to watch it freezes up and I have to restart my system to get it to work. Am I doing something wrong?


My son is currently watching smart tube next with his fav kid shows without any issue. You should be more descriptive.

What device?
Is it updated?
And what’s your download speeds?

Your internet speeds could be low or the device you installed it on may have to many apps on it and ram or space could be effecting performance.

Amazon Fire Cube
It is totally updated
150 MBPS

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Check your storage, trying clearing cache of that app and try again, or uninstall and reinstall.

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Be sure to do as Dracoo suggested and your RAM maybe low so be sure and use a tool like Background Apps and Process Lists to stop apps running in the background.

Storage is no problem, RAM is no problem but I will try your other suggestions. Thank you.

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Another question. Are you using a VPN, and if so have you tried another location? Just throwing out some ideas until we get one right.

Deleting it and re-installing corrected the problem. Thanks.