Smarters Pro Layout

Trying to figure out how to change the layout from a EPG that goes top to bottom instead of left to right. I looked at Troy’s install instructions and down at the bottom where you can now access the EPG it shows exactlly what I like. I know, go to TM if I want that but I’m so use the a regular look I don’t use Smarters that much. I did go through the searches but couldn’t find anything related to this. I have 3 that I am playing with . TM and Sparkel have the same EPG look and Smarters dosen’t

If you have Tivimate (Premium). Then use that. It is far better than the other two combined

It is but what I was saying is the example that Troy put in his guide an older version that looked like all the rest. I like to experiment with a lot of stuff untill I zero in on one that I really like.

Well, when you are done “experimenting”. Open up your Tivimate player and relax and enjoy.

Sparkle maybe worth a little look…maybe? But the Smarters pro…meh.

jus sayin…

Probably get rid of it. Question for you. If you do have 3 players using the same IPTV service are they updating in the background or only when you open them up? Could background updating be competing with each other?