Smarters on Ipad

I was searching for a way I could stream m3u on my Ipad and found that Smarters is an app in your appstore on ipad. Load it and put in your url along with the usual user name and passcode and it streams beautifully. I have an ipad air2 and it works great. I don’t know if this has been discussed as I haven’t been on much so if it’s out of line and has to be deleted I understand.

I use the Xtream iptv app off the App Store with my iptv service on my iPad. It works great. Format is a bit different than Iptv Smarters. I guess which streaming app works for your iptv depends on your service.

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Thanks for that, I should of asked about it earlier, glad i know now. I was going to purchase an android tablet, just saved a bunch of money. Going to try the your Xtream way too. Thanks

I use Smarters on iPhone and IPad. Works great!

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