Smart Router Not So Smart

Many of you might know this already but I figured I toss it out there. I was having trouble a couple of times when re-booting my fire stick 4K. The 5GHz channel on the firestick was
not getting any internet connectivity. Sometimes the Wi-Fi icon would fluctuate between having a signal and that of having connection problems. I have a smart router from the cable company and did some reading to find out the fire stick functions well on certain channels. Especially router channel 48 (5GHz). I’m going to look at it farther but I am sure these different channels affect internet speed and buffering greatly. I manually set my channel to 48 and it is working much better. After the reboot my router set the channel to 36, which caused me fits :relaxed:


Typically you only change your modems channel if there is alot of noise (busy) to a less busy channel.

This helps out your speeds for sure. 5g network is terrible range wise. The closer you are the better the wifi on 5g

For some reason after a reboot it always defaults to channel 36. I get no 5GHz internet connectivity on that channel. Soon as I change it to channel 48 everything is fine. This is just on the 5GHz side on the router.


That’s probably the routers default channel. You can change it to default to another.

Thank you for the help…

I appreciate it :relaxed:

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