Singularity now no longer in business

Just an email from Singularity who just recently took over Area51, they informed me that they are shutting down as of 7.11.2020. Don’t know what’s going on with these apps.
Anybody have any suggestions on a similar app with the variety and quality that Area51 had??? Suggestions???

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It is up @ 07:45 central time.

Just turned on Singularity at 8:03 central time and it updated when I launched it and is still working. Could shut off anytime of day but was still running?

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Try using more TV never let me down yet

What is that? How/where? Do they have Espn+? Cost?

I’m in the UK found this IPTV on a Google search has everything easy to download and set up I pay £105 for 6 months you can pay monthly £25. but the £105 is for live TV including all sport channels worldwide. TV series. and movies worth a try I’ve had it for 6 months not gone wrong once more max tv. is there email. is there email

Velocity is almost a sister app to Area 51. Very similar, user friendly. Only issue is that it doesn’t display the EPG for local stations (Regionals), cost $10 per month compared to the $5 I was charged with Area 51.

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Is anyone else tired of theses fly by night services? I’m starting to think they’re provided by the big boys to show how unreliable they are, so you’ll be convinced to stay with them!

High Noon just recived the email
Dear Singularity and Former customers of A51,

It is with deep regret that that i have to inform you that we have been forced to call it quits for good. On behalf of all of us that put in many sleepless nights and numerous Holidays and hours working to keep us up and running around the clock we are just as sad and dissapointed as most of you all will be.

We know that some of you will be dissapointed and want to ask for money back, bare in mind although we will not deny you of a request of refund, we here are all going to suffer as this was our main income for all of us here, and the bills and other costs we have had are going to pile up fast. There is no trick or scam here, as mentioned above there was no choice of the matter.

As of 7/11/2020 All Websites, Services,Emails, Domains and Applications will be turned off
and/or disabled.

Thank you again for all the years of loyalty and support. You won’t be forgotten, and i hope that we wont either.


Singularity Team

Service was gone almost immediately SUCKS I just paid 6 months to Area 51.

Looks like they scammed everyone for after saying they were taking over A51 just to get a renew out of you… typical iptv crap…

I like the statement that would not deny a refund, but shut down their website and email so you can’t contact them…LOL. That will teach me not to pay quarterly. Thank God I was only using them as a backup for Eternal TV.

I paid with Paypal and opened a case with them. Will see what they do with it.

Troypoint has mentioned SportzTv in the past. I’m sad to see Area 51 go. It was the first IPTV I used to cut the cord from cable. I also use the old The Players Klub (not sure of what name they go by).

Singularity is still working but may end soon. They honored my account with Area51 and didn’t charge me anything more–mind you I was paid up until November.

I’m happy with SportzTV. There is also TV Smarters, Ology, many kinds of these services, varying in price. Sportz has everything I had with Area51.

I would only add that Troy has on many occasions suggested not to go more than one month at a time with these IPTV subscriptions. Also always have a backup the price of doing business in the IPTV world.

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I have been using streams for us as well as sapphire secure for about 6 months, both have been great.

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This was very disappointing since I just renewed yesterday. However, I paid through Paypal and just open a case and within 15 min I was issued a refund.

2 services that are very reliable which I have recommended quite a bit on Troypoint are Infinity Streams (getinfinitystreams) and Fenix Streams ( They are $19.99 and $15 per month respectively. More connections at a time are available at added cost. Strong reliable streams of vast channel selection on live tv, with extensive vod libraries of movies and tv series. Both take Paypal as payment option. This potential risk with iptv is why it isn’t a good idea to pay for more than 1 month of service at a time.

whats the url for sapphire, please