Simple iptv player?

hello to all i’ve been trying out different IPTV players but most of them after i input my url info it comes back with errors or don’t work i was using perfect player which was simple but since the new amazon os update it stop working


When entering info make sure every single single line is correct otherwise errors.

Iptv smarters pro

Best options IMHO.

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I agree. Best ones available IMO

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Yes it’s me trying again to set up iptv smarters I watched all the videos and got a provider for 10 day trial
Opened up app put all info using file/url, entered everything exact and still comes up invalid url
Retried same thing
Suggestions no api given

I say Tivimate is the best option.


You need to get login info from your provider for extreme codes.

M3u code you can just paste into tivimate.

Every word has to be what the provider presented to you. One wrong letter it will error.

exactly. i used apollo as my provider they gave me a user name and password and url, which i retyped three times with no luck

I did everything on my iPhone so I can’t copy and paste the url. Wish I could. What do I select when the 4 options come up when signing in? Can I use it on my iPad or Mac air?

Turn off Vpn during setup?

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Thank you , it works
Now that I figured all that out, is iptv smarters just for tv or can I get movies too? Also I thought it would stream all the paid services like hulu, Netflix etc? If not there where can I stream all the paid services for free?
Thank everyone for being so patient!

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Ditto and what Draco said

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