Signal issues with 4k stick

I have a 4k firestick ( not the new plus) to which i have added expanded capacity via a splitter and flash drive. I followed the Troypoint video to set it up. Works really well, except that half the time when I switch between HDMI inputs on my TV, when I come back to the one with the firestick stuff I get a “no signal” message. To watch it, I need to unplug and replug the stick to reboot it. Then I can only open apps from the systems tab - using the " launch app " command in the “manage my installed apps” menu selection. After I do this with one , the other seem to be accessible the normal way
Any ideas as whats going on here or what I’m doing wrong???

I’m assuming you have HDMI-CEC enabled on your stick. Can you please try clicking the “home” button when the no signal warning occurs and see if that wakes up your stick and initiates a signal please.

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Don’t know about the HDMI-CEC setting. Can you tell me the path to get to that item in the the settings menu so that i can check it out?
I think I have tried pressing the home button when I get the no signal warning, but I will certainly try it next time and make note of the result
Thanks for the help
and thanks in advance if you provide that path to the CEC setting

Settings>display and sounds
CEC is in the list.

I can confirm that the CEC setting on the stick is “on”
I just have to wait until the “no signal” condition happens again to see if the home button wakes the stick
Thanks again. I will update you when I have something further

Perfect and thankyou. This happens to me every day. I completely power off my stick every night, so when I turn it on in the morning I just get a blank screen. I hit the home button and it wakes up the stick and goes to my home screen. I hope yours does as well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I encountered my problem again last night. The tv was tuned to HDMI1 where we have the ATT cable stuff. I changed the input to HDMI2 where the firestick is pugged to. I got a message -“no signal”. nothing I could do would wake the stick. so I had to unplug and repower the stick to reboot Amazon.
BTW when this happens, I cannot use the amazon menu to launch any apps. I must use the systems menu and go to “manage my apps” and launch the 1st app from there. Then I can use the amazon menu to navigate apps

Thanks anyway for keeping your fingers crossed for me

You are using the power plugged into the brick plugged into an outlet and not using the usb on the tv I hope? Can you try another hdmi port? Preferably the one with arc.

I am using an outlet for power and, unfortunately, my tv has only 2 HDMI ports. I will try moving the cable to HDMI2 and plugging the firestick into #1

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