Side loading apps not working with fire stick

i am having trouble with apps such as Teatv not working after download using new 4k wifi6 fire stick

Welcome, before we can help you we need more info? Are you trying to download movies onto the stick ? if so it doesn’t have enough storage to do so. Only watch on a fire stick never download unless you have an external storage device setup. Tea should work fine on the Max.

no not trying to download movies, i can down load apps such as teatv or kodi but the apps will not open, i am using a brand new 4k fire stick with only the apps that came with it. this all started after i made the ,mistake of reseting the stick back to factory specks and hasnt been able to sideload and get apps to work since,

Did you re-enable developer mode after returning to factory and updating the stick?

yes i sure did ,i made sure everything was checked

Well if you enabled ADB and Dev options and enabled your chosen app to install 3rd party apps I’m not sure why you are having issues.

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ADB and DEC are enabled. . Do I need to install a app such as TPlayer or MXPlayer to have teatv or troypoint etc to open and play?

The stick already has the best browser for FireTV. It’s cloud based and will do everything you want. Silk. For downloading and installing I use the “Downloader” app.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

I think teatv is dead

I have teatv on another firestick and it works fine

I found this with the site search.

Tea tv has a native player, not sure you can change it. Try Stremio, set it up on your computer once and all your settings are loaded on your device with a few clicks. Takes a little patience to set up. but all add ons are kept in the cloud. It also works great without Real Debrid, A vpn is mandatory! Use Orion and Torrentio add ons.

So is TeaTV back or still dead? I feel like this is going to be Cinema all over again. What is the main site for TeaTV? I feel like there are not trustworthy sites trying to dupe you.

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should both the ADB and DEV be in the on position?

You can leave them on if you choose to. I activate developer options on all my devices as well as Android Debugging Bridge. Some say for security you should only turn ADB on when you want to use it. It’s your choice. looks to be active.

That must be the main site then. Is that different than it was before they shut down?

I don’t know, I just check it once in a while to see if it’s still on.

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