Shows not marked watched

I have Real Debrid and Trakt set up on Kodi. I use Addons such as The Crew, Seren, Asgard. When I watch TV episodes, I can’t get the watched episodes to have a check mark indicating that I’ve watched them. Also, I can’t resume to where I left off in a movie or episode. How can I get the shows to be marked as watched or resume later from where I left off?

Sometimes marking shows as watched depends on your skin settings. You can change the duration of time necessary to watch before it marks it as watched. I don’t think the regular Estuary (default) skin does this, but I could be wrong.

As far as resuming where you left off, I think this also depends on the particular file you are streaming. You may find different files with different lengths. Again, some skins or builds may be automatically setup to keep track of what you watched and where you left off. Some have a section titled something like “resume where you left off” and it bookmarks the actual file you were watching so you can resume without having to search for it again.

I don’t frequently stop in the middle of things, so I haven’t really played around with this much. I did change my skip steps though in the general Kodi player settings. Makes it easier to go to the progress bar and hold left or right to search for a scene. Alternatively you can use the actual skip buttons on your remote to skip whatever amount of time you configured in the settings.

If your movie or show isn’t shown as watched, highlight the shoe, click the 3 lines on your FS remote and go into Trakt manager. From there you can select “Watched” and it will update it. As said, your skin has needs to also be enabled with “Watched” settings

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