Should I pay the subscription?

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a good day. I am thinking of subscribing to the puffin TV browser, have any of you used this app. ? if so what do you think. Silk has many short comings !!

I didn’t. What are you trying to do that you can’t do with Silk? What device and what OS are you using? Silk performs flawlessly on the Firesticks for me, but it all depends on what you are trying to do.

Is Puffin a browser you are use to. Just curious with all the free browsers

I’m not sure if you have tried TvBro. It gives options of search engines download is simple but if are use to Puffin I wouldn’t try to change your mind

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Hi, I spend most of my time streaming with silk on my 4K max. The big problem I have is when I access a window that requires me to scroll down, you can’t do that with silk and mouse toggle does not work in some apps. Also there is the registration issue with cursor ! Puffin has a scroll function and a stable cursor, my max cursor is so eratic !!..going mad, what do you think Miki ? by the way I am a canadian too. bfn. Regards.

Umm I can scroll no problem. I have used Silk on every stick I’ve ever programmed. Did you try going to the app store, clicking on Silk browser and see if you get the update notification? Update naturally if you do. I use it to watch sports all the time and using the remote navigation ring scroll up, down, right and left. So if that isn’t working try installing the remote phone app to run the stick and see if it works and you like it.

Hi what is the remote phone app that you are referring to, and where would I find it. Thanks for your help.

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Puffin is good. I have used it a lot. Now, I mostly use Downloader or FireFox.

Hey PF, have you tried Firefox on a stick? Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Don’t use a stick, but yes, I use Firefox all the time. Just was on it this morning. Have it on my laptop, tablet, and Nvidia. I also use Brave and DDG

I use to use FF in Windows but haven’t tried it on aFire TV OS.

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I have had a subscription in the past and it works very well, Iused it to watch My local baseball teams on This past summer because IP vanish was not changing my location and puffin Shows your location is in California,worked flawlessly

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