Short on bucks? How about FREE

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There’s 2-3 I have never tried and have m3us for 6 of them.

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If you’re new to cord cutting or wanting to expand your viewing choices, then this is Golden Information. Good on you @Miki


There are a ton of freebie m3us and epgs on this site from waaaay back when. You can search them out. I betcha we have several dozens of free urls.

You’re right if new to cord cutting or on a tight budget. The search in topic is well worth the effort.

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Remember the 10 pages of free TV M3U’s etc I posted way back when??? A lot of those are still viable. But cheap IPTV is my suggested method now, although things like Kodi, Stremio, OnStream and Sportsfire are certainly up there as well. Options I say, options. :face_with_spiral_eyes: