Set up fireTV for relative

Would like to set up a fire tv device and send it to my relative. They would then enter their Amazon account information. Tried/tested this on a fire stick and noticed that I can not erase my Amazon login credentials without putting the fire stick into new user kind of mode. New user mode messes up all the preinstalled applications.

Instead used the Amazon account device manager and disconnected the device that way online. This allowed the device to keep it’s configuration of applications that I preinstall.

Is this the only way to install apps and keep them for my relative? Without having login for my relative?

i create a amazon account its free – if they then need to sign into prime they can but the stick remains registered to the account i made you have to put in credit card to download downloader but you can then remove that

So create a temporary Amazon account. That’s a good idea. If my relative wants to use their own account, will all my side loaded apps disappear on the fire stick ?


yes the only thing thier account woukd be good for is prime access
that being said just get thier account info and do it right from the beginning if its a gift then just walk them thru it ocer the phone thats my perfered way then they have sosme understanding of how to fix things when you arent around

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