Seren stopped adding new episodes

I have been using seren for several months now. There haven’t been any new episodes added for awhile. How do I get the new episodes when I search for shows that I watch regularly.


Have to wait till their uploaded and ready. If you have a real debrid subscription add that in and just wait.

I’ve been waiting. New episodes are several months behind.

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Check other stuff.

The crew

I liked Seren for a good while, but yeah I had the same problem regarding new episodes.
If you are a dedicated Kodi user & you are a Real Debrid subscriber, there are many addons which currently work better than Seren, IMO.
Navyseal 19, Wolfpack, and Nighthawk come to mind.

Hi, new member. I have Kodi (latest version) and Seren on 2 4K Firesticks. One provides a complete list of series and episodes for a TV show, the other has an ‘error’ message for the same show (search) and doesn’t provide any links whatsoever. Seems it might be a ‘python’ issue but I thought the latest Kodi (19) has resolved this issue? Any thoughts? Ta.


Make sure both are updated to 19.3 (kodi versions)

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having the same issue just in the last month with all of the addons I have tried