Seren providers

I downloaded Seren and authorized real debrid, set scrapers for RD And sti get no providers package when I try to play. Help., what am I missing here

Is another pkg that u must download.
Go look at Troy’s seren tutorial and instructions are there:)

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Hi @T83
You need to set up the scrapers package.
Go to Provider tools > Web location > Install packages Type in>click on install packages > click yes > ok.
Then hit your back button a few times back to the Kodi Home Screen.


Do you have to have a tract acct too

Ok after install instruction thought I was done cuz next was up vanish. I’ll try this and let you know thx


Do as @Sbrowne126 mentioned. Also there is a tutorial for this.

Watch all the guides and you will be up and running in no time.


Ok everybody after reading the instructions I didn’t see working fine. Thanx everybody