Seren Problem-playback problem

Probably a stupid question, but I want to get Seren set so I can select the source. Somehow the playback tab on the left side has disappeared and in following Troy’s instructions, that’s where I need to go to get the source select set up. I know it’s simple but how do I get the playback tab to reappear?

Not sure if this is your problem but when you go to the left can you scroll down further it may not be visible until you scroll down.

Anybody else having issues with Seren taking forever to sync with Trakt? I stopped using Seren a while back because of this same issue. Decided to try it out again and seems to have same problem…

Shows Syncing Watched Shows: 100% but wheel of death just keeps spinning.

Any thoughts or suggestions???

Give fen a try, its much faster than seren.

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