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I turned kodi 19.3 on and in Seren my movies/collection is only showing 12 latest movies I added to my trakt account through another app.

There is no " next page" and under options, it is only showing 12 movies.

Different story for my tv shows/ collection. Everything is there.

I have rebuilt my trakt database uding Seren trakt, but still the same issue.

When I check on " the crew", everything is as it should be with every movie I have ever added.

Uninstalled Seren and reinstalled. Still the same issue. Then uninstalled kodi and started from scratch. I still cannot resolve this issue.

Many thanks. I have nixgates 2.1.0 and Seren 2.1.9. By nixgates. Which rather confuses me.


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Can someone please help me to find a solution to this please
Thank you.

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With seren, save it to your favorites. Long press and save to favorites.

I’m unsure why this is a problem as others don’t have it, try going through your seren settings to as there is options for watched and what not.

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Many thanks. I will try it in the morning.

And will get back to you.


Also go through your trakt settings, I haven’t used trakt in a long time because I mainly use syncler but it’s worth to go through all your settings.

I should install it again and see with seren. But seren keeps track of what I watch on its own, it has a Lil circle thing beside something I watch you can also select hide watched items. As long as it’s saved in your favorite as well.

Also look I to trakt synced tools in seren.


I decided to stay up a bit longer.

Tried everything and still no complete collection. Watched movies are there and so are all my tv shows/ collection.
Reauthorised Trakt and rebuilt data base twice. Still no joy.

I have now uninstalled Seren and all associated files etc. And have installed " The Oath", which is excellent for my needs alongside The Crew.

Have been doing some research on kodi and github forums. Seems I am not alone with this issue.

I contacted Trakt, who replied very quickly, pointing me towards github.

But, not to worry, all is OK with what I have in add ons.

Thanks for trying to help me out, it is very much appreciated.


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Sorry to but in, just like learning the differences… how is sincerely different than seren?


Not to get off topic here, but syncler is a entirely different program than kodi.

Kodi runs on addons as it’s a media player. Syncler works kinda like Netflix.


Appreciate that. I’ll have to look into it more. Maybe some questions on pm?

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Hi @Dak7385 .I had exactly the same issue with Seren on Kodi 19.3, but with my TV Collection. The movie collection was fine. It appears that there isn’t a solution (if there is, I’m not aware of it).

The Oath works seamlessly with Trakt and RD so I’ve ditched Seren.

Sorry I can’t offer you any other practical solution, but at least you know you’re not alone!


Hi @dadshade.

Well, in a way that’s great to hear. I was beginning to doubt my technical ability.:thinking:

And as I said there are a few comments regarding this on various forums. This seems to have been an historic issue, thats raised its head again.

But, thanks for taking the time to get back to me and provide reassurance.



Might be off topic but had an error message when I opened Seren on Kodi 19.4 last night. Had to update the repo and it fixed it. Might also be a Real-Debrid problem? just food for thought

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