Security concerns

When installing apks like cyberflix you get the message " Allow CyberFlix TV to access photos, media, and files on your device". Does anyone think this is totally safe, especially on your phone where there is more sensitive information? Plus if you deny, the app does seem to function properly. Hopefully someone,especially you Troy, can comment on this topic. Does the VPN protect you from any sort of breach?


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Hello @cutkny12… Thanks for the post. I never realized that you could deny access and still have a workable program. I’m going to reibstall my APKs and just say NO!

Hey @bennievcrowell, My bad. My post was suppose to say doesn’t seem to work, although some do and some don’t. You do have to keep denying. Annoying… I was hoping Troy would see this post and comment on the security concerns. I’ve never participated in a forum before and I’m not sure how to maneuver my way around. Sorry!

Thanks @cutkny12. You’re doing fine. This is a friendly forum. I’ve been on others where the administrators are harsh and jump all over you when you post in the wrong area or ask a question that was asked in another area. This forum is in it’s infancy and people are a little more forgiving. Find the topic you are interested in and read it first before posting a redundant question. That seems to tick people off the most. Read what is going on and see if your question has been addressed before jumping in. So far, so good!

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