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I use Launcher and Wolf Launcher for my Firestick 4K Max and when I want to conduct a search I have to come out of Wolf into the default Launcher to conduct Find/Search. Now I have four Apps I acquired from TechDoctorUK giving me shortcuts to Firestick, Applications, Hand remote and Wireless that are really helpful. What I would really like is a search App to use in Wolf Launcher; is there any such thing? TIA Jim

Not clear if you want to search within the firestick or the internet. I have duck duck go on my wolf main screen that I can access the internet to search and downloader also allows for search.

It doesn’t work. This is something many of us have pointed out to Sweeney (the app developer) month after month. Trying to use search for the app store has never worked. I did notice the latest update does have a “search” at last, but it still doesn’t work. So if you must use the app store you have to disable custom launcher, back to stock launcher and the find>search as you said. I gave up on the app store and use Troy’s RAI and unlinked(12341234) and if still stuck I install aptoide.

Search for the appstore? My appstore is in a folder on wolflauncher I call “tools”. Just click on tools and appstore is right there. Click to open.

No. Search IN the app store. If you go into the launcher manager, click App Store/Open Amazon App Store, go down one, slide left to “Search”, click it, it just goes back to the Launcher options. You can’t search the app store. Going your route will open Your Apps & Channels, not the actual app store , then if you go down to App Library and access the search and click it you are kicked back to Your Apps & Channels. You can’t search for apps in the store or even open the store.

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sup all…

My Wolf home screen lets me do a limited “voice search” but only for (hulu,netflix,youtube, the main crap)…
But if you say “apps”… it will pull up your original home “app screen” & from there u can get to your app library & search categories
Then when u back out… your back at Wolf…

Just a little trik…

my bad. Im using shield and was referring to playstore :grimacing:

All good. I just appreciate everyones efforts to solve the problems. Now go watch those bowl games, eat wings and drink beer. Life is good.

True but you can’t do a search, all you can do is open a category and then scroll until you puke, no searching tools.

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Many thanks for all your help guys. As you say it is back to the default launcher if you need search. I do like the Wolf Launcher and don’t like having to go through the routine of making it so after coming out of the Amazon launcher.

From an 80 year old I do wish you all a very happy new year from the UK.