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I did a lot of searching with no real answer so trying here. When selecting a stream on Cinema HD, very rarely do I get the full screen movie. Its usually a large black top and bottom border to emmulate the movie theater screen. I have read where that is because its the way the movie was originally formatted and it does not matter whether I watch in 4k, 1080 or 780. Is this true or is there a way to change the aspect ratio to get it bigger. Its a shame to have a 65" screen but only use it like a 45"

Some are formatted to “mailbox” style, like you are getting, but then you can go to another link, click on it and get a full screen one. It’s all up to how good the upload coder is.

Thanks Miki, I assumed that was accurate but figured I would ask!!!

Just wanted to put in a keynote here. When looking at links sort it by size… the higher the size the better chance it’s what it says.

And yes depends on how it’s uploaded.

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