Scheduled Recording with BuzzTV X5

I posted on the Buzz forum and got a respose from their devs.

X5 v20220624
Buzz TV 5 v5.0.727
Powerkey set to Suspend
Samsung 4K TV
HDMI CEC set to off in X5 and TV

Schedule recording, leave X5 on, turn TV off. X5 power LED turns red. Recording occurs as scheduled.
Works in both Buzz TV 5 and Tivimate.

I run a VPN on the X5.
When X5 and TV are on, VPN dashboard shows active connection.
When TV off for scheduled recording and X5 power LED turns red. the VPN connection is not terminated but maintained until the TV is powered back on and then X5 turned off.

Is this the way scheduled recordings were designed, to maintain an active connection?

allaboutbuzz replied:

Yes this is how its designed now

Its to ensure recordings work even when the box is in Standby. This also works on the HD5.


On the X5 and U5
If you have it set to Shutdown for Power Off
And you have scheduled recordings, the box will wake up to do those recordings
It wakes up 2 minutes before the scheduled recording, as those models have an RTC battery inside them

The 4500s and 4900s also have the RTC Battery in them for this same feature.

Additional allaboutbuzz info:

BuzzTV 5 tries to keep recording for 2 minutes if a stream buffers or becomes corrupted
The issue with most servers is they use Dynamic URLs, so if the stream buffers or disconnects on the server side for more than 2 minutes.
When it fixes itself, it creates a new Dynamic url, therefore the recording cannot continue and finishes. Its their way of encrypting the streams.

Buzztv 5 - PVR+ Scheduled Recording

I found the information helpful and wanted to pass it along.


Thank you very much for this info, I’m sure this will be very helpful to all Buzz customers.

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