S8+ won’t run kodi?

I just got Samsung 12” S8+ I installed kodi through play store. Startup screen for 1st run, then nothing but a black screen. Uninstalled, made sure unknown devices on. What am I missing? I did find out that the kodi 20 will work but I can’t get builds to access the servers after install from zip. I can’t install from the build from the repository. I’m new to the tablet side. What am I missing?
Thanks for the help

Hi there,
I have it installed on an s8+ and it runs fine. Try reducing the display refresh rate to 60hz which is what mine is running on.
I also tried installing kodi on a xiaomi pad5 with a 120hz refresh rate and it wouldn’t work. Changed to a 60hz refresh rate and hey presto kodi runs fine on that tablet as well.


That fixed my problem. Thank you sooooooo muuccchhhhhh!!!:grimacing::grimacing::grinning::smiley:


You’re welcome. I’ve learnt so much from this forum…


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Hi Mike , are you able to sideload apps like cinema hd , netflix etc on your s8+ ? I am about to buy one and want to make sure I can get all my streaming apps . Thanks

Yes you can. I have stremio, kodi and cinema HD all installed on my S8+.

Awesome ! Thanks for your help

What is an S8?

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