Router home page unavailable

The final goal is to install IPVanish on my router. I have a Linksys WRT-3200 ACM. I had to flash my router. The flashing was successful. The Internet is working fine. Both wireless bands are working.

See screenshot for flashing info.


I did install the command info. See screenshot.

When I try to connect to to finish the installation, I get a time-out error. See screenshot.

Can someone help me get this all worked out?

Hello @Hudsondog try from the flashing info, it looks like your gateway should be that instead. Give that a try.

Uh oh. I guess I have what you call a double router setup, then. The IP address you gave me goes to their login page. It can be simplified, easy, though. Here are the details. It is like this because of the suggestion from the installer and my personal test with my cell phone.

I have my ISP’s router and my Linksys 3200 router. I only have their router because I was told my Ooma would not work through a VPN. So the fiber comes in the house and into their device, then>Ooma>ISP router>my Linksys 3200. All of this is via Ethernet cable. Nothing connects to my Linksys by Ethernet.

Now, with what I understand, I can have Ooma not use the VPN and all should be fine. The other devices are my security camera and my cell phone. Again, that could be set to not use the VPN. Problem solved there as well.

All this sounds good. Do you feel like this would be a good place to start, so we can get this all worked out?

Thanks for all the guidance and patience.

Here is the network setup. Of course, my router is not in the picture. It is in another room. It connects via Ethernet cable. Knowing what I know now, I can take out that round white one, ISP’s router. To the far right is the cordless phone, next to that is the ISP’s router, the blue light is Ooma and next to that is the box where the fiber comes in the house and connects to. Currently, my cell phone and my security camera are the only things that connect to the ISP’s router.

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