Reset Redo Firestick

Is it possible at this point 2023 to reset my firestick and redo the whole procedure, is this advisable? I have put so much on there following along and nothing works anymore for viewing.

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yes it is easy just go to settings then my fire tv then factory reset

mine took a update at 5 am this morning, it wiped everything. Removed all the apps I had installed. does not show i have a usb installed either and no usb option now.It wants me to reregister it with Amazon just like a new stick.
dunno I just put it in a drawer and am now using a different device no more firestick for me.

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Wow, can’t beleive an update wiped and derigstered your firestick. I’m going to see if I have an update waiting.

it happened early this morning.

I just checked and a software component update was downloaded. It was a very short update. It took only seconds. I didn’t experience any issues yet.

Thinking somehow the update ny have been corrupted. I think your apps will still be on your usb external drive. Encourage to factory reset and connect back up your existing usb with loaded apps. I don’t see why you would need to re-register the device.

Were most of your apps on the usb?

I’m not one of the techie insider, but I try to share what little I think I know. I’m still learning.

Let me know how it works out.

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I just updated 3 Max sticks this morning including my own with a powered OTG cable and A usb drive. Absolutely no issues. As Mslea said, it was just the common component update. No major additions that I’ve seen.

Doubt’t very much the update did that

I had some on the usb stick and some on the firestick. Amazon freevee won’t load now either. It says it has connection issues with amazon.

. I tried amazon prime on my buzz 5 and it loaded 1 time i left amazon went back later and it now gives me a error about connecting to amazon and I can’t even view freevee now on this device or the firestick. freevee loaded on my KM2 ok.

i removed prime video and freevee and can watch all the other apps i subscribe too just fine,just not amazon apps now on this firestick 4K or my buzz 5.

It took a few minutes for this update to install this morning. Completely removed all the apps i had installed and I had to reregister it. This has never happened.Does not show usb stick like i said.

For the past few years i have never had to reregister any firestick.

A reset did not work same thing.

Sorry it didn’t work. I have had the problem of firestick not recognizing my USB. I’m click happy, so I started clicking around in Equipment Control.

These steps have worked for me serveral times. Go to
Equipment Control
Manage Equipment
Fire TV
Make sure to check on USB

Hope it works and Good luck
Have a great day

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Try a complete power cycle. Unplug everything. TV, Device, modem/router. Un plug your device from it’s HDMI port. Wait a few minutes then plug everything back in. Make sure to use the supplied power brick and not the TV USB port for power. See if that helps.