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Hi, I have read on here and in other forums that many don’t like the remotes that come with the android boxes or that they have failed.
When I buy a new box I always buy one of these… a mini keyboard… with touch pad.

eSynic Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4G XBMC Keyboard Touchpad Mouse Combo- Multi-media Portable Handheld Android Keyboard- for Google Android Smart TV Box HTPC… They work on 2.4 ghz and some also have infrared and bluetooth. They look like a gaming pad and work very well, in fact I’m just about to order another one, great for typing on.Oh and they’re cheap!
There are other makes that look the same as these, just have a look.
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I have a similar one, auvipal, but it still doesn’t perform the odd function that the original remote does. I may simply be missing a key combo though.

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I have looked into these but not yet purchased one. Would it not be better to get a bluetooth one so you don’t need a usb dongle? I am certain, I have seen those and would like to believe they would work well with the Firesticks. I have two, a 4k and a 4kMax both basically in the same place. I wonder if there is an issue pairing it to both the same time. Any experience with this?

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I have a powered hub so my ovipal was $12 and it’s got a 2.4 dongle that plugs into 1 of the 3 ports. So I just plugged it in as it’s plug and play. Nothing to twin. There are Bluetooth ones But I’ve never tried one.

I have looked at the hubs as well. I don’t even have an OTA yet. I would like it to control both similar to my firetv app. That’s my preference.

I have a smays powered hub that I added a 16GB Sandisk USB 3.0 drive formatted for apps, I don’t record, and the keyboard dongle. Now I put most of my secondary apps on the drive and keep my main ones on the max, like TiViMate, Proton VPN, and Str**io. That way I can have lots of apps ready to use and keep my Max with over 3GB of storage. Simplest thing I’ve ever done to “enhance” the FireTV experience.

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