Removing subtitles

i live way out in the country, we can only get satellite internet and its really slow, so we need to download tv and movies from kodi and Cinema to eliminate buffering, the problem is how to figure out what shows have embedded captions. is the a way to set these apk’s up either in settings or elsewhere so that they only show the programs with no captions or removable ones?? it is very time consuming to sort thru shows to find ones without captions


Unfortunately if subtitles are embedded you can’t remove them. If they are not embedded you can turn them off, vlc subtitles off.

Most of the time torrents tell you if subtitles are embedded but but not always, if there is no way to turn off subtitles then it’s embedded.

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how do you tell if they are embedded


The link you are downloading or torrent file will say hard-coded subtitles or embedded subtitles.

is there a way to filter out the hard coded or embedded subtitles in the settings of say, cinema or kodi-seren

Not really. You can change some settings but embedded is embedded the fliter settings don’t detect embedded subtitles.

ok thanks for the feedback

Black Duct tape the bottom of the screen… lol

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On a related topic, I download a lot of programs (movies/TV show torrents) that have subtitles displayed when played on Kodi/firestick, but not when I play them on my Windows 10 computer (Windows Movie Player, Windows Media Player). Any ideas why the subtitles play on the firestick but not on the computer? I’ve gone through all the settings on Kodi and nothing I’ve tried has worked.

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