Remove AMAZON apps

Is there a way to remove any of the AMAZON apps from the fire stick??? These apps take up way more space than anything I put on the stick. Besides, I Do Not use them, at all. I would like to get rid of Amazon photos, music, game circle, free time. Even the appstore, which I can download if I ever need it, then I’ll uninstall after I use it. I would, however, keep Prime Video. Any stick Buster’s out there got this figured out yet??? Send some help my way. Thanking you in advance.

I don’t know of a clean way to do this. Amazon obviously doesn’t want users to remove their preinstalled apps. Or they’d provide an uninstall option. Cellphone manufacturers do the same thing and some people are able to root their devices and get rid of bloatware but this voids warranties. If you google “remove preinstalled apps from fire tvs/sticks,” you’ll see that lots of people are asking the same question. There is some discussion about rooting and using system shell commands to possibly get rid of these apps, but I haven’t come across a clearly defined process for doing this. I’d be leery of disrupting my fire tv’s performance and overall reliability. I suppose if one gave it a shot and it didn’t work out, a factory reset will get you back to square one and fresh start.

The first streaming device I ever purchased was an amazon fire stick. I searched high and low to figure out a way to get rid of the proprietary amazon apps to free up the meager amount of storage and could not do it. My advice is to ditch the fire stick and buy a pure android tv box with 4gb of RAM and
32gb or more of internal memory. You’ll find it much easier to download apps and will appreciate the extra memory storage.

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I don’t think you can remove them. Sim_Bill has the right solution.

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