Remote ADB Shell - df -h

I’m trying to move several apps to my USB from my firestick 4k. I can’t get df -h to give me the series of numbers and letters I need to go at the end of the package ID. Any help is appreciated.

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I would like to help you out. I wanted to copy the string but I was not adb adept. Finally I wrote out the string and after making sure each section of the command was right I got the “Success” response.

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What is the app your trying to move I’m new at it but got it to work on a couple of boxes but a friend had the same Firestick couldn’t get it to work. I was told that certain Stick models would work but I tried everything. So are you able to move some of the apps or none.

Another tip I thought of was where I got the info on which Firestick works was Amazon has a tech support # for Firestick or they can transfer to them. I never called them again so they maybe able to help in other areas…

I’ve had been able to get it to work in the past and used the same command from before. Kodi and Cinema HD was automatically moved over before but not now. These and Funimationnow are the ones I’m trying to move.

Amazon was no help. With the 4k Max out now, could Amazon have block the use of this app? Is there another app I could use.

So I finally figured out what I did wrong. I partitioned the drive for single storage. When I went back and partitioned the drive into two, I was able to get the partition ID I was looking for.

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