Rectangles with diagonal line on homepage

Normal homepage on fire stick on first use of day. After that I get mostly rectangles. Started when visiting son and using my fire stick on spare tv. His fire stick similar symptoms on different tv. Now I’m back home and same thing happens with same stick. My other stick and tv are fine. Could his WiFi be corrupted?

Thanks in advance. David

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Fix for icons

Going forward try using out search function. It picks up keywords and associates them with what others have typed.

This link was posted as a solution. Not to be rude but chances are it’s been posted with a fix.

I hope this helps.


Have you tried updating your firestick . It happened to mine and went away after a week or two .

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Yes, tried it a few times & no luck. Tried it again re your suggestion, but this time I
plugged into wall outlet for more power, rather than tv USB port. Two days now & working normal. Thanks for the reminder to try again.



That would di it. Firestick should be plugged in. More power, better performance.

Glad it’s working.


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