Recover locked stick

I know there is certain key strokes to recover a locked stick. Is there a list of these tips.

Have you tried Troy’s list of helpful hints? Firestick Remote Not Working? - How To Fix, Pair, and Much More

The trouble is not the remote.
The stick is locked in a Pin mode.
Without the Pin number which I do not know, I can not get to the Restore to Factory option.
I did try the dual keys function to no avail.

Dual keys meaning this?: How to restart Firestick using the remote control - YouTube

How about this:


  • To carry out this method, make sure you have a remote.

  • Plug in the Fire Stick to the TV.

  • Press the Back and Right buttons simultaneously and hold them until the Reset screen appears.

  • Choose the Reset option.

  • Wait until the Factory Reset Firestick procedure is complete. Set up your Fire Stick to start using it.

Bottom answer is correct. There is more than one tip, though.

I am familiar with this procedure, and was successful on my son’s stick.
However, on my daughters I have not. The fur flew in this house when they
pulled this pin stunt to keep each other from using the sticks in different bedrooms.
I refused to purchase new devices for each of them. I think I am forced to replace hers.
Thank you for trying to help me.