Record a hockey game on TiviMate using a firestick

Is this possible. I read that it will only record for about 50 minutes.

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I’ve recorded golf for 3 hrs in tivimate…mainly depends on the stability of your stream. If your stream breaks up, tivimate has a habit of stopping the recording.


I’m using a firestick so I figured not enough storage even using a usb formatted to fat 32


Is a 32 gb flash drive big enough? Also do I need 2 connections from a server. I have 2 iptv providers , but each only have 1 connection.

Unless you’re planning on recording in 4k, 32G drive should be way more than enough…4k uses anywhere from 6 -8 gigs/hr (normally). If you’re watching & recording the same channel in Tivimate, that’s considered one connection & you’ll be ok…but if you should switch channels while doing that, then you’ll probably interrupt your recording…altho I’ve never tried that, as my service has 2 connections. I would suggest putting your most stable iptv service on the recording & leave it alone…& use your other service for all else. :cowboy_hat_face:

Data approximations:

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I tried to do the same thing recording a football game using a FS 4k (nonMax) with a 128GB USB drive that’s split 50-50 between expanded memory & storage and only got about 50 minutes of the game. When I used ES File Explorer to look at the file, it was stored on the FS, not on either section of the USB drive. I fooled around over a couple drives trying to point the recording to the USB drive and couldn’t figure out a way.

Later I tried recording a game with TiviMate using the $20 ONN with a 16 GB USB drive that I’d set up for adoptable storage, and that worked (and works) pretty well. I’m guessing that “adoptable storage” pretty much means that it’s completely interchangable with the native internal memory, while the “expanded storage” on Fire TV isn’t.

So IDK if it’s possible to do what you’re trying with your FS.
I’m thinking that it might be with the newer FS 4k Max.

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I’ve got 64G of internal storage on my main box so I’ve never recorded to a different drive…but from what I’ve read on this forum, peeps are recording & saving to all kinds of places…so when BWJ said he had 32G of external space, I’m assuming he can record to it…didn’t mention a firestick model. Hopefully, he’s done or will do some test recordings to see how things are working :ice_hockey:

I also set up an ONN with adoptable storage but have since reversed it, as I only use the box as a backup & even after I put all the apps I wanted on it, I still have over 2 gigs of internal storage left.

Keep in mind, that the maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4GB. So any individual recordings would have to be smaller than 4GB.

I’ve recorded larger files than that with the ONN/16GB setup.

Not if formatted to fat32 you haven’t.

Yep…4.5 hours 7+ GB.

FAT 32 has a 4GB maximum file size and 8TB maximum partition size. If using FAT32 it will break the video files into multiple smaller files. Likely you are using exFAT if individual files exceed 4GB.


fat 32 is not wanted in the recording world. I record most everything ntfs as its pretty much a standard for streamers. Tivimate will stop recording if network issues happn and sometimes these are glitched that you really cant see. If you have 1 connection thats it when you attempt 2nd stream the recording will stop unless you are setup to re-stream.

He said he had 2 different services…so he’s good to go. Like I told him…no room for error in tivimate, if your iptv service hiccups…tivi pulls the plug. Wonder if other players with recording capabilities shut down with just a couple of seconds interruptions…or do they keep on keepin’ on…? :thinking:

Ive noticed tha channelsdvr has some sort of allow built in. After a recording it will be there and also tell me errors happnd…

Roger that…pretty cool that it even lets you know before you start watching…doesn’t seem like a complicated piece of code…I would think the tivimate dev would’ve corrected that by now…pretty sure people have mentioned it to him.

I suggested to him some time back to add local tuner support, he said it was planned…but in the underworld rumor has it hes sold out. I have no info on this only internet chatter.

Hmmm…first I’ve heard about that…hope he got a good price $$$. Also hope whomever bought him out is competent…I’ve still got a lifetime of service to go… :roll_eyes: :eyes:


yea I always worry with an app that is so good and so popular other bigcorps sees it and makes an offer you cant refuse…and I understand that but lets say google wants it…there ya go :thinking:

Please no!!! I’m about googled out…wish there was more competition out there that didn’t get bought out…but that’s been the modus operandi of the big guys since the AOL days :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :money_mouth_face:

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