Recommendations on IPTV box for mother with dementia

I need a basic box for my 84 year old mother who is in long term care with advanced dementia. I have tried various apps on an Android box including TiviMate and XCIPTV and they are too complicated for her. Ideally, I am looking for an IPTV box with a standard remote to punch in channel numbers, and will automatically go back to streaming a channel when it is turned on, and with no additional apps or screens to get to the channels to confuse her - like a basic cable TV type box like she had always been used to. I’ve read that MOL2 on the Formuler boxes is fairly simple to use, as well as the IPTV app on BuzzTV boxes.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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I did a setup like this last year and the magic is in the remote and that all depends on the box…
I picked this one from amazon and she loves it…super basic.
They have several choices to look at. As far as an easy player thats difficult and I was lucky her antenna picked up around 100 channels and to be honest she really doesnt watch tv she just likes changing channels :grimacing:… but that remote did the trick.


That looks like a great remote TXRon, perfect recommendation. My Mom had Alzheimer’s and was the exact opposite of your situation… she would put it on one channel and never change it. Whatever came on was what she’d watch. Always smiling. Bless her heart, she was the sweetest lady ever. :heart:


One provider which HERE I can’t name has a great service with a very easy app to use and YOU could setup a few favorites.

I think the Buzz and Forumuler options would have come up in a search because I believe you can put shortcuts to IPTV channels basically on the home screen. Which I think is a nice option in your situation. I think the remotes on those two boxes will be too complex. I’m not sure how easy it is to use a different remote on either, maybe Ron can speak on them.

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You can set Tivimate to boot on start of device or just leave it on all the time. But as far as entering a channel number that’s a tough one with iptv. But if they have good locals then that would be a big plus! Great remote Ron!

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Not only can you have it boot on start of the device. You can have it boot to the last channel playing.

Imho, I would create a group and place about 10-20 of her favorite channels in that group. Then pair up one of those remotes that TXRon posted.

Now she just clicks the power button and Tivimate opens and plays the last channel she viewed. She can channel up and down to the other channels.

I would also disable all other groups and only have one iptv provider enabled.

Set the playlist and epg to update on startup. Also, have the VPN set to auto start on device boot. Basically, make it as simple and hassle free as possible


That’s what I meant for it to boot right to the TV channel.

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