Really like my Onn $20 box with expanded memory!

As usual, TP’s great tutorial made the process easy.
The one thing that I did, that was different, was I included a 4-port hub in the OTG hookup and used a wireless keyboard to do all the typing in the command line interface…saves thumb strain, LOL.

I might be in the minority here, but I prefer the Android stock launcher to the Wolf launcher. However the Sideload launcher is a must. (Wolf>FS launcher, except it almost bricked my FS.)

IMO, the Onn box is a better option than the FS 4k. Unlike the FS, I can’t detect any difference in apps’ performances whether the apps’ are on the internal or the ‘adoptable’ storage. I have identical Sandisks in each. Sideloaded apps are snappier. I get to choose which apps are on the opening screen instead of Amazon’s shuffling of what was last used. The ‘settings’ button on the Onn’s remote is very handy.


Only issue I can find with ONN is a way to block all.updates for the OS. Do not want it to go the way of the firestick.

That is a great little box for streaming, and whats really nice is you dont have to worry about messing it up…$20 isnt a bad loss if you do find a way to brick it. :grimacing: :+1:

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Hey @Ellteejak Doubt you’re gonna see ONN go the way of Amazon anytime soon…it’s basically a “Walmart” brand certified thru Google…so Google gets to throw up some advertising on the home page, Playstore, Youtube etc, yet WallyWorld doesn’t even do any advertising, but is still in control of it. I don’t think Google will be allowed to mess with “their” O/S on any updates, other than technical fixes. JMO… :cowboy_hat_face:

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