Real- debris dupport

I recently re-signed a subscription with Real-debrid, and after linking the device and Cinema HD, all my shows come in audio only. No video. It doesn’t matter if I choose a Debrid choice or non Debrid choice. The usual options appear at the bottom of the screen (back, play, forward, etc), but no audio. I use IPVanish as well. Anyone else experience this and found a solution?


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Strange. Try going into settings and switching your recommend video player to mx or vlc.

You will have to down load them of course.

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My only thought is if on the top right of your player you see SD then try clicking it and switching to HD+
SD=Software decoder
HD+=Hardware decoder
Have a look in the settings of your player and see if some settings are shut off and should be enabled.

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Yeah, changing to HD+ works.

Glad I could be of help. Enjoy.

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