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Cinema APK stopped pulling in real-debrid streams recently. Tried logging out and logging back in to real-debrid in the settings but that did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

My steps would be to force quit Cinema, restart it, look for updates and install if there. Besides that try restarting your Box. At times, I found that the best restart is an unplug. If that still doesn’t work I’d uninstall Cinema then reinstall it. Hopefully some of these tips will help yah.


@david.stewart46 The first thing I would ask is, Are you sure your account is up to date? Then I would ask does Real-Debrid work for any other Kodi add-ons or APKs? Have you tried restarting your device (restart not reset as that would erase everything). Finally I would say uninstall it and reinstall it using Troy’s Rapid App Installer. The try re-authorizing Real-Deebrid. Let us know how it turns out!

Uninstalled and then reinstalled and that did the trick. Thanks for the help.

Glad you are okay now. Keep participating. This is where we will all find answers. Have fun!

Same happened to us. We had to do a uninstall then install it worked. It does seem however this has been the case with Cinema the last couple of months.

How do I install real debrid to Xanax? I did see it in add Ins and clicked on it. I had to go to the real debrid page and enter the code. Is this all I need to do?

Regarding Real Debrid and Xanax install, here is a Tutorial for installing Real Debrid in Xanax. I found this link by doing a Google Search “how to setup Real Debrid in Xanax Build”. This should give you the answers that you need. Good Luck!

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First time posting here, and somewhat new to the FireStick arena. TP is a great source of information however I am hoping the forum can help me to understand what is Real-Dedrid and how this correlates/assists/supports the apps that I am currently running (Cinema, Cyberfix, BeeTV, Area51 and MorphTV).

Thanks for helping a newbie and sorry for the rudimentary question.

I was told that real debrid is an unrestricted downloader service. A sort of middleman, except this middleman is highly efficient and fasssst. I never wanted to pay to use these apk’s until one day I got tired of not being successful with watching high resolution movies and shows with nearly no buffering. There also sees to be more links available for me to choose as well.

Im so glad I set up and paid for a RD account. The good part is that these APK’s like Bee-Cinema-Cyber…integrate with RD. In the APK setting you will need to authorize your account, also know as pairing, but its super simple. After that, sit back and enjoy.

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@dlanzarin Great answer. You got to the point and explained what real-debrid is and included your personal experience with it. Very good post!

Thank you dlanzarin, great explanation. Do you also use it with IPTV (e.g. Area51) as this is where we see the majority of buffering vs Cinema and other “movie/tv” apps?

I have never used an IPTV service, but have heard good things about them.

Area51 does not have the option to enter the code for a search for links,; furthermore, IPTV is access to real-time TV stations, which do not offer the option of searching for links to watch what it is they are offering for you to view.

In order to use Real Debrid,, Orion (the three services that I personally use) or others you are searching for links to view movies and TV shows that are not playing in real-time.

The free movie/tv apps such as Cinema and others, as far as those that I have personally accessed, I have only seen the option to enter the one Debrid service, being Real Debrid.

In order to get premium streams from the miscellaneous pay-for, Debrid services you need to be using various Kodi Builds or individual movie/tv Add-ons, such as: GAIA, Exodus Redux, Seren, etc.

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Nevermind. I figured it out myself. Thanks !

I have found that often restarting fire tv works as well

Just wanted to share that i opened a real-debrid account yesterday, and added it to my cinema apk app. All i can say is im watching stuff in 4k, and 1080p, and not one time has it buffered. I do use IPVanish also, and usually within the 20 to 35 or 40 mbs download. Before RD account i was having to try and watch everything on a 480p, and still would buffer sometimes, but would usually play through a whole movie sometimes. 2 days now with RD account, and we’ve been watching 4k or 1080p with a high gb. I just wanted to put this out there, I should’ve tried this sooner! Amazing results. As always troypoint and all of your guys input has showed me so much knowledge on all this cord cutting. I’ve come a long way from day one! Lol. Thank you Thank you!


RD should stand for Real Deal. I’m using it with CyberFlix and couldn’t be happier with the number of beautiful scrapes it provides. Worth every dollar.


Hello @hbublow and @Restorept. You see the light! Troypoint must tire of repeating the same mantra. IPVanish and Real-Debrid. IPVanish and Real- Debrid. IPVanish and Real-Debrid. There. I said it three times in a row. That’s how you get a lot of providers serving up links to your favorite entertainment with no buffering. Thanks so much to you both for sharing your experience with the community. It will help others enjoy this cord cutting hobby. Peace.