Real Debrid sources [Need resolve] message

I have paired my Real Debrid account to Cinema HD and many of the Real Debrid sources it finds contain the message [Need resolve]
Have I missed something?

@jhale1943 this means that the torrent has not been downloaded to RealDebrid servers. I usually skip the ones that say this.

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There are actually 2 different ones to do.
There is the url resolver and then resolve url.and you need to do both.

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Troy, may i ask why you skip them? Most of them work well for me


I’m having the same problem although it has always worked in the past.

Hello Everyone, I haven’t bee using Cinema much anymore but when I was, I was skipping the Need Resolve links as they didn’t work. @k4kaz sounds like they are now working which is great? Thanks for chiming in.

Troy, what are you using instead of Cinema?

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Can you tell me how to install both URL Resolver and Resolve URL, Thank You.

What are you trying to install them on?
Apks or a build on Kodi?

APKs using Real-Debrid.

Anyone else having an issue with Cinema lately? It brings up streams but they all buffer and continue to do so throughout viewing. I am logged into Real Debrid and have also tried with IP Vanish on as well as off. I have a fire cube hardwired to router and when I run Speedtest wirelessly, I am getting 178Mbps so I know it is not the internet connection. If no suggestions, any suggestions on what other app to use. I appear to have same issue with CatMouse

Having the same annoying issue.

Is there a solution for this yet? Not sure if I missed it?

I’ve been having intermittent problems with cinema (no buffering yet). After watching a program, the screen goes white and unresponsive, I have to hit the home key to get out. Sometimes I can go back in and it’s working, other times the screen is still white/blank. I’ve reinstalled, made no difference. I’m running ipvanish and using real debrid links, when available. That’s another issue, sometimes I get several real debrid links, often times none. I’ve tried the same program multiple times and it’s been wildly inconsistent. Cinema was once pretty consistent in providing real debrid links but that hasn’t been the case recently.