Real Debrid payment issues

I have been unable to get my debit card, Amazon pay or a prepaid card to pay for the Real Debrid service.

Any suggestions?

Not sure, it’s been a while since I set up RD, but did you try turning off your vpn before signing into the site and paying?


Yes I have tried it with VPN, with VPN off as well as using my VPN to connect to a foreign server

I use Amazon pay all the time with my VPN on and never have a problem. Maybe contact customer service which is not the easiest thing to do


What VPN are you using? Down the bottom of the page in the right corner is a list of ok’d versions


Express VPN and I have also tried the Google Fi one as well.

This is all I see on the bottom right.

I just extended my sub. You need to choose Premium offers. Then select one of the Plans and pay. Couldn’t be easier


I did exactly what you said to do (which I had tried multiple times)

And the attached is what happens.

Must be the payment type you are using? I have never had an issue in many years. I use a regular Visa Credit card.


I’m the same @MarkxG . I just added 6 months for under $24 cdn using my visa. I tried to get 6 mnths but it said I was using a VPN and identified Proton which was correct and I had to shut it off. I then selected the 6 mth and hit “subscribe”, filled out my CC details, no name, then I got a one time verification code from my bank that I had to enter and voila done and paid. Turned the VPN back on and finished. Easy peasy.


Well then I have no idea what I am doing wrong?

I don’t have any credit cards so I am using a debit card.

But I used two different cards through Amazon Pay and it still wouldn’t work.

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Check your card info on Amazon Pay to make sure everything is correct. i.e., account number, cvc, expiration date, etc…

I just did mine through Amazon and had no problem. Can’t imagine what you are doing differently

Amazon Pay typically has the least amount of authorization issues vs using bank credit cards. Some banks will flag fraud since it’s billed internationally.

You can try completing the RD transaction on a different device. Try using a smartphone if problems persists on a PC or vise versa. Some browsers have an embedded VPN that could interfere with the payment process.

Make sure your credit card are properly validated on your Amazon account and that your amazonogin credentials are correct when checking out in RD.

If all else fails, try purchasing a prepaid activation code from one of RD’s authorized resellers, like utop.

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I just renewed with RD via Amazon Pay, with no issues

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Are you all in the US? I don’t think this makes sense, but it’s not because I’m using a debit card instead of a credit card?

same here, don’t know why. I tried several times too. Amazon pay is what I always used but it just sits there after going to the last step.

I don’t use them much anyway so it’s ok with me.

Try theses guys I use them all the time and it’s instant

Almost double the price going that way. I just paid $24cdn for 6 months so $48/yr and they’re $88 once you do the exchange. Still worth it but just sayin.