Real Debrid - loss of quality streaming

I’ve been using real debris with cyberflix for over year. It’s just recently that I’m not getting good quality streams. Anyone else have that problem?

I would double check your expiration date on the real-debrid website and/or your log in the app you’re no longer getting the good links any longer. I’ve had logins get lost after an update and for no known reason at all.

I’ve been having intermittent issues with real debrid links when using APKs. I may have to click on multiple links before hitting one that works. Usually the ones with the vid prefixes. No issues with real debrid links on kodi, working very well.

I am experiencing the same with Real Debrid using Cinema HD, CatMouse and Kodi

What Player are you using?

I am using the default players for Cinema HD, CatMouse & Kodi. I tried using MX Player, but did not see any difference in the results.