Real debrid links need resolve with Cinema

So recently, I will get real debrid links that are yellow, but the all say need resolve. I’ve re-installed several times, cleared the memory…still no different. Has anyone else had this experience?

Yes and most RD links I have no sound

same issue, but links have been playing fine for me…

What issues have you had? If they are playing fine…

several links when they
come up says need resolved, however when i click on them they do play.

I’ll have to check mine now and see if they play as well.

I have no sound also, real debrid say it’s not their fault and you need codecs don’t know how you do that

Hello @crsconroy give this a shot. How to Fix "This Audio Format AC3 Is Not Supported" Error in MX Player

This is for MX Player.

Still having a problem with real debrid 95% of the time either no sound or sound and no picture
Did download mx pro player

Hello @crsconroy what streaming device are you using?

Using a Firestick but have only had the problem in the last few months

@crsconroy that is very strange. I don’t have any problems with mine getting sound. I know that some had problems with sound on MECOOL and that is why I asked. They updated their firmware which fixed that.

I found a solution on google using a different server, it’s much better now but not 100%

I find most RD links need to be resolved. Either it’s me or they don’t download. Am I not resolving correctly or do they not resolve?