Real-Debrid Issues

Good Morning All,

I was helping a older fellow set-up his real-debrid on his stick. He had already, on his own, set-up an account on his computer. I assume it was correct as it allowed us to get in and enter the security code to activate real-debrid.

So, back at the TV I wanted to show him how the real-debrid feeds would be in color so he would know what to look for.

I tried playing a movie on Cinema, Bee & Media Lounge and go exactly the same error message: Error 503 Having issue with Premium Server

Now the ironic thing was that the movie WOULD play the white non-debrid feeds fine.

Obviously it seems like a real-debrid account problem, but I don’t know exactly where to go from here??

I tried restarting the stick and didn’t help. I didn’t figure uninstalling Cinema and reinstalling it would help since it did it on all 3.

Can anyone be of assistance… Thanks a million

Firstly, look into an alternative for Cinema. It’s no longer in development or supported.

Maybe the Real-Debrid needs reauthorize within some apps? Check settings and try that, enter new code from with Real-Debrid and see if that gets you back on track :+1:

Go to Realdebrid online first and under devices delete the apps you are have problems with. Then reauthorize then in the app. I have been using Cinema 2.4 that i downloaded from unlinked about a year ago. I have had very few issues with it.


I know…right. Me as well on my own stuff. I will try that it sure can’t hurt. What confuses me is that it does it on everything. Not like I just have a issue with cinema. It does it on cinema, beetv, and media lounge. Exactly the same on all off them. I will try that… thanks


I use RealDebrid with Cinema. And have no issues. My device list is huge, is there a way to bulk delete? I can delete downloads by page but don’t see this option in my devices.

Real debris canceled my account because they said I was using my account at different locations. I’m 76 years old and I don’t take my box anywhere.
Would you please tell me how to contact real debris?

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That is bizarre! Their own T&C’s state “You can use your account from any public IP address but you can’t use your account from more than one public IP address at the same time”
They then advise just to set up an additional account if you plan on using the service in two locations at once. I’d be interested to know what they said to you in regards to breaking any rules.?

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