Real debrid issues for two days

Is anyone else having issues with real debrid. I have not been able to get any sources for two days and their website says that they are maintaining the system.

Is anyone else having issues or more information to let us know when they will be up again.

I wish they would post more information on their website.

I tried a movie I watched last week. I received 100+ RD click on sources. I clicked on the first one and it ran through all of them and I received a notice “no streams available.” Something is definitely not right. You are not alone. I have never been to their website. I am going to see if there is a message now.

Same here I get the sources but when I click on them I get a 404 error code and some other error codes too. Glad Im not the only one. I’ll be watching to see if anyone solve this mystery. LOL

Hello @fe1 @chollaway @mabert , when you have problems, I would suggest looking at RD Twitter page. They’ve been down for past couple days but their last post 6 hours ago says they are back up -

Tx so much for the video. It does give us a good explanation of the issues they are having. I guess they offer a good service if we miss them when they are down.

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Started working for me an hour ago, no issues

Real debrid announced that they are up since 8am. They will credit premium member with an additional week of service because of the 2 days of downtime. Good business practice with these guys!

Never had any problems with it.

i joined RD one time for a 3-month subscription. Seemed to work properly, with one exception. None of the content shown would open. None of it. I contacted RD for suggestions. Nothing they suggested made any difference. When I contacted them again to inform them that my RD still wasn’t working, they failed to respond initially, but finally said that they would no longer provide any assistance and that I was no longer a desired customer. Needless to say that I haven’t gone back.

Hello @usmale47374 are you using a VPN with Real-Debrid? If it isn’t on their list of being supported, you must register for your account with VPN off from your home network where you are going to use it. Then, when you pair, make sure your VPN is off. Once it has paired, you can turn the VPN back on. If it worked properly for awhile it may work fine with some IP addresses that your VPN uses but once connected to a different one, there could be problems. This has always been the biggest problem that we’ve seen with RD.