Real Debrid in Crewnique

How do you activate Real Debrid in Crewnique? I have spent over an hour trying get Real Debrid activated. I even went into Crew, Tools, ResolveURL which did absolutely nothing. How do I get the code to enter in to activate it? I have done it many times before on previous Kodi revisions but nothing in Crewnique. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.

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Following our guides we have setup. Its in your resolver settings.

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I believe the video shows this.

*Start around the 10 minute mark


Thank you for your input.

Thank you for the video! It was a great help!

I know I’m going to be fussed at about this but I don’t know what else to do… I have sent numerous messages and most likely it’s the wrong place to find out how I can ask a question about some topics I have need answers to.
Please forgive me for stepping in on this posting but seriously I don’t know where to send a question.
All I’m asking is is someone can direct me to the proper place to ask a question I would be so very very grateful… Again I apologize for posting outside of this thread.

On the top of the “latest” page is a “Create topic” button. So click it, follow the on screen prompts, fill in the blanks, type out your question and post.

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