Real Debrid hijacked?

Yesterday, 8/13, everything worked just fine as usual but today it sucked!
None of my RD “devices” were functioning today so I just thought that my subscription had expired but it had not. Figured that while I am in here I’ll just go ahead and renew it. I noticed that neither of my “devices” (CinemaHD and Cyberflix) were showing up. Tried to add them but it wouldn’t let me. Tried to log in to RD via my 2 apps on the FireTV and both of them said to use a code of L7. RD, to my knowledge, has never used a code of only 2 characters! I then logged out of RD on my PC figuring that I could just sign back in…WRONG. After putting in UserID and Password, the site displayed OK, but it was not since it stayed on the HOME screen.
Now for the Coupe De Grace…I was able to access a section on their HELP page to notify them of my difficulties. After keying in a much longer message than this post and verifying that “I am not a Robot” I hit “Send Message” only to get a screen saying 403 Forbidden. Good Lord, I don’t even get the satisfaction of pulling my hair out seeing as how I’ve been bald for the past 50 years!!!

Same thing here last night. No RD streams. When I went to settings on Cinema initially it showed I was logged in. After a couple seconds it flipped to log in. When I hit the log in got the same R7. Went to Cat & Mouse and couldn’t get it to pull up any seasons. Figured someone was trying to tell me that watching TV was evil. So off to the kindle for some light reading.

I watched a movie last nite on Cat n Mouse…multiple RD options-no problems…tried using Cinema HD but wouldn’t run any RD…TVzion updated their software (again) and now it doesn’t work

RD has had an overload problem lately as I’ve had it happen 3 times in last 2 weeks. I found a post from RD somewhere that said as much stating that between subscribers and 3rd party downloads in the world as it is today that they have had problems keeping up. They are working to resolve the problems.
Hope his helps people to know it’s not your apps but RD problem all you can really do now is wait till traffic slows as it came back last night after 2AM CST. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Problem seems to be resolved…for now. Was able to log in to RD and able to get “normal looking” device access codes. Might have to look into All Debrid if RD keeps acting up.

I have had absolutely no problems while using Kodi.
I have been streaming all day for several days.

I get no sound withRD lately

This exact same thing happened to me. Had to reload real debrid the next day.

thanks will give it a go