Read debrid not working

Hello i have a fire tv cube v. internals storage full only 608mb left external storage 28.23 gb left when i try stream with real debrid will not work how can i increase the internal storage

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These are two separate issues that aren’t connected to each other. Also, when you say “Real Debrid will not work”, do you mean it won’t find sources, won’t authorize, etc? The other issue is your space. Aren’t any of the apps loading down your internal storage available to be transferred to external? What is on the Cube to use up the entire internal storage?

How to Expand Internal Storage on Firestick & Fire TV Cube (

608mb on a fire device is not all that uncommon with just a moderate handful of app, especially ones that get fat, like Kodi.

Even with that amount of space left, it’s plenty for an existing installed app to stream, with or without RD.

I’m sure it’s related more to the proper RD activation (make sure it’s not expired) and/or proper app authentication handshake to RD.

Don’t place too much blame on the storage space. You should work on moving what you can from internal to external, clear out app caches, delete unnecessary downloaded files that you don’t need (like I your Downloader file folder), downloaded media files, etc.

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