Rapid App Installer Not working

I can not get the rapid app installer to work. I have deleted and re-installed and it keeps doing the same thing. When I click on one of the apps to download it says “download starting” but then just sits there with the little bar moving and doesn’t do anything. I’ve let it sit for over an hour and still just says “download starting”

Anyone have any ideas why?


Welcome to the community.

What device? Id check your space make sure you have enough.


It’s a thorstream elite media player, it definitely has enough space. I deleted the companies software because they stopped updating it and am switching to troypoint to redo it.

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Thanks for the welcome. Both of my brothers have reprogrammed their boxes and had no issues with it. I did everything the same way they did but for some reason it just won’t download anything with the rapid app installer

Not sure about your systems OS but is there a chance you need to initiate an “install unknown Apps” in Developer options somewhere?


I will look. I went through and deleted all the old apps before doing this but maybe missed something. Thanks!

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Tried it on another box and I’m getting the same issue.

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