Rapid app installer downloads

Hi all, just a quickie, I am trying to download an application on troypoint rapid app installer but keep getting message STATUS_FAILED. Any ideas anyone. Thanks. Jimmy.

clear datta on rapid app and try again

or it is a dead app on troypoint

yeah, I’ve tried clearing data but to no avail

what app is it?
maybe it dead


Hello @jimmy.royle can you please tell me which app it is? Thank you!

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hi, thanks, it’s the mouse toggle, have tried both versions, but it will not install.

@jimmy.royle try again. It should be fixed now.

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Says there is a PARSING error every time I try it… both versions.

I will try later and let you know, thanks Troy and all

Hi Troy, it’s now coming up with the message of problem parsing the package, I’ve tried both 1.11 and 1.06 versions and clearing the data but nothing working, any ideas. Thanks. Jimmy

Hello all,
I am also having trouble getting Troypoint RA to do anything. Not sure if my Downloader app is messed up or what but when I try to download RA using troypoint.com/tpapp the message comes up as error, check the url and internet connection. I uninstalled the old downloaded and the old TP RA and tried from scratch but only the Downloader installed. Any help is appreciated.


Sorry, forgot to mention I am using Firestick 4k with a decent internet connection and download speed on Ethernet connection of around 50 Mbps.

hi banksent1, are you trying to download downloader by troypoint or aftvnews

It appears to be connected to aftv news as there is much todo about aftv and it’s history.

I wanted the troypoint rapid app installer

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Hello @banksent1 I just tested the url for RAI through Downloader and working fine on my end. If you are getting that error in Downloader it may be because you didn’t click Allow when you first launched Downloader. See this - An Unknown Error Has Occurred - Check Your URL & Connection Fix If that’s not it, it is something to do with your network config. Try unplugging your router, cable modem and Fire TV for 10 minutes from power then plug back in and try again.


hi banksent1. Try url- troypoint. com/rai in downloader. Jimmy.

Thanks Jimmy,
I believe the problem was in my uGreen Ethernet adapter. After taking that out and using the WiFi connection I had no trouble installing the Troypoint RapidApp installer.

Getting package parse error on sdmaid, hbomax. Worked for cinema, cyberflix, and peacock

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