Rapid app installer changed; not working

I have been a Troypoint member and follower for several years. I’ve been addicted to the Rapid App Installer for programming new firesticks or re-programming old ones. I have noticed recently (Iam in the process of reprogramming one) and that the RAI has completely changed…we used to be able to type in troypoint.com/ta in downloader and the RAI would load up easily. For the last two firesticks I’ve worked on, I have found that this doesn’t work any more…instead, I get directed to a page in Downloader that wants my first name, email address etc and then tells me to click on the button to get access to the installer. When I click on the button, I get a msg telling me thanks for signing up. But there is no link to the RAI. In my last two firesticks, I just had to go in manually and load all the apks and sideload Kodi…it took nearly all day to get thru this… I really miss the RAI–Troy, what have you done?

I had the same situation a few months ago. The new address type into Downloader is troypoint.com/tpapp. This will instantly download the Troypoint App and you’ll be ready to go!


It was changed to troypoint.com/tpapp some time ago


thanks to everybody that responded…I had forgotten about the change…his videos still call out the /ta…