RAI doesn't appear to be online

I’m trying to download unlinked & sideload launcher.
“Download starting” shows, but the downloads never start with either app.
I’ve used the RAI many times, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with it.

I’ve tried canceling & restarting the DL, rebooting my ONN, engaging my VPN, disengaging my VPN & letting it “Download starting” for an hour.

Check in apps if you gave RAI permission to download apps.

I just downloaded and installed unlinked using RAI. All went as expected.

Thanks guys…
RAI did & does have the permissions enabled.
For whatever reason a couple of nights ago, nothing was downloading, mystery to me.
Unchained, Remote AD & ES File all DL’d yesterday with no issue.
However, Kodi 19.4 never did. I went to another source to get it.

Same problem here. Apps on TP won’t download.
Uninstalled and went to downloader and get this message:

Intresting, its working here. I can escalate it up but the issue is troy and admin have both stated they tried this and it works fine.

My suggestion would be to use a vpn logged into a us server then try, unless you are in the us and bought a stick within the us. But still try a vpn.

I tried ProtonVPN and IPV more than a few addresses and no VPN.

‘Starting Download’ cycled and cycled no matter what I was attempting to download…never actually began to download
And today Kodi 19.4 showed the same behavior.
The other stuff was OK, but with some delay.

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